Why Young Living is THE BEST

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Why Young Living is THE BEST

Young Living is the only essential oil company that offers the seed to seal committment, which means there is purity in every single bottle.

seed-to-seal (1)

If you’re comparing another company with Young Living (which we encourage you to do), I strongly urge you to find out where they get their oils. Chances are, it won’t be from their own farms. There are many essential oil “rebottlers” out there that don’t readily disclose that fact.

Innovative Approaches

On July 26-27, 2014, Young Living member, Deanne Dobczyk, contacted 9 off brand oil companies and asked them all the same 12 questions posed by Dr. David Stewart in his book, “Healing Oils of the Bible.” In the charts below you will find their responses. The “?” means they responded with “I don’t know.” The “R/A” means they refused to answer.





Still not convinced? Please view Young Living’s Seed to Seal video below or visit their website www.SeedToSeal.com.